Friday, August 17, 2007

Essay 4331

For the second week in a row, AMC series Mad Men depicted zero non-White minorities.

However, there was one mention of Negroes.

An account executive had a story published in Atlantic Monthly, generating jealous responses from coworkers. A copywriter sneered that he also had a tale, relating a dream where he “wound up in Jersey City with all these Negroes—and we all got along. Can you imagine how good that story is?”

It’s hard to imagine any story worse than Mad Men.


HustleKnocker said...

the thing with MadMen is as bad and cheesy and clumsy and pseudo-hipster as it is, it's pretty accurate in capturing the bias aspect of the business world.

plus it's almost funny on accident.

Alan Wolk said...

And if there are any "Negroes" in positive roles, you can bet their portrayal will be as heavy-handed and subtlety-free as the rest of the show.

Anonymous said...

It’s also depicted zero life.