Friday, August 31, 2007

Essay 4397

Wondering aloud in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• An audiotape interview between Sen. Larry Craig and the officer who busted him for naughty behavior in an airport restroom was made public (see Essay 4390). During the interview, the cop accused Craig of lying. “You’re not being truthful with me,” said the officer. “I’m kind of disappointed in you, senator. … I expect this from the guy we get out of the ‘hood. I mean people vote for you. Unbelievable.” Wonder if Craig cruises toilet stalls in the ‘hood too.

• A cop in Houston was suspended by a school district for distributing a “Ghetto Handbook,” complete with a guide to Ebonics. “This publication was completely reprehensible and [Houston Independent School District] condemns it in the strongest possible terms,” wrote the HISD superintendent. Wonder if there’s a section about Sen. Larry Craig in the ‘hood.

• A study by the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine shows Americans would prefer to sacrifice sleep versus giving up their leisure time activities. Wonder if Sen. Larry Craig is very sleepy.

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