Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Essay 4355

[From the latest Advertising Age Letters To The Editor.]


Unknown said...

of course. can't level the playing field for people of color unless you re-level it for whites. In fact we tried this a couple centuries ago...

it was called The Reconstruction Era.

Anonymous said...

Physical attributes and medical conditions though are a whole other marginalized group next to race and the age thing. I didn't want to get on anyone with a medical condition or trying to be a jerk, that's not where I'm coming from.

Sad to say, it's bad enough there's the issue of race to deal with, but the industry seems even less tolerant of people they believe are imperfect from a looks and body shape POV, especially the account groups who eat their own unless you're a size 1.

Creatives however, can let themselves go and it’s almost ok.