Sunday, April 06, 2008

5326: Beaten And Bloodied.

Public spankings in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Now FIA president and alleged Nazi S&M enthusiast Max Mosley is fighting back. Plus, he’s suing the British newspaper that revealed his romp with five hookers. “I was the victim of a disgusting conspiracy. It goes without saying that the so-called Nazi element is pure fabrication,” argued Mosley. “This will become crystal clear when the matter comes to trial. The newspaper invented this in order to spice up their story and introduce my family background. … In short, I think I have done nothing wrong and that the wrong was done by the newspaper. That is why I am suing them. … Many people do things in their bedrooms or have personal habits which others find repugnant. But as long as they keep them private, nobody objects. … I don’t think any of this should affect my work on motoring safety, the environment or the sport. I believe that 21st century adults do not worry about private sexual matters as long as they are legal and harmless. … I shall put this view to the Assembly in due course.” This guy is clearly masochistic, as he’s bound to get his ass whipped by the media.

• Meanwhile, one of hookers spoke to the press, confirming that Max Mosley did indeed order a Nazi-style orgy. “We were only following orders,” said the woman. “Max told Mistress Switch that he wanted a German dominatrix and she got one—Mistress Zena. She’s German and wore a German military uniform. Then Mistress Abi was booked and had to be in German uniform, too—a German Luftwaffe tunic. All the outfits come from army surplus stores. … And I was told to expect a very strong Nazi theme, including demeaning body inspections, brutality and that two submissive girls, called Leah and JD, must play the parts of camp inmates. … They’d wear striped prison camp-style uniforms, be beaten and have sex with Max. … Mistress Switch said she herself would be wielding the cane on Max, flogging him with full force 15 times after strapping him to a bench. It was all carefully worked out beforehand. Max had given Mistress Switch £2,500 to sort out the whole scenario and she briefed us all on his requirements. … A client never hands out that sort of cash without saying EXACTLY what he expects. He doesn’t just say, ‘Look, there’s a bundle of cash, just do what you fancy.’” Mosley is probably delighted to receive this additional free beating.

• Skybus Airlines got its ass whipped by the competition, and it’s now shutting down to file for bankruptcy after about one year in business.

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