Thursday, April 24, 2008

5391: Seeking Creative Director-Intern.

This actual posting for a Creative Director says a lot about the state of the job market:

To collaborate with their creative partner to administer and assign creative work to a creative team. To understand the dynamics of both print and broadcast advertising, and to properly execute and/or provide instructions for creative solutions in all media. To deliver compelling oral presentations of creative solutions to clients and agency personnel. To be proficient in printing requirements/techniques such as bleeds, crop marks, color conversions, etc. for proper delivery of jobs to service bureaus for printing. To service accounts directly, setting and maintaining design standards for specific clients or groups of clients, as well as working on presentations for creative meetings and pitches for prospective clients. To advise art directors, graphic designers and production artists with creative solutions. To be proficient with file formats, such as TIF, EPS, JPG and PDF, and how to create/edit them. To demonstrate proficiency in skills such as scanning, image-retouching and color correction. To communicate with Account Service personnel to determine the best design solution for clients. To ensure that mechanical specs are accurately applied, such as job slug, size and color. To be familiar with mounting/paste-up techniques and materials.

Wow, when’s the last time you saw a classified ad containing the term job slug? The poor fool that lands this role should be a visionary leader who’s also not above making PDFs and adhering his own layouts to foamcore board. Must be proficient with X-ACTO™ knives.

(Plus, note the only title to merit capital letters is Account Service)

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Anonymous said...

No mention of proficiency in Microsoft Word?