Wednesday, June 04, 2008

5547: Unceremonious Dumpings.

Reinstating the obvious with a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• The Rev. Michael Pfleger, the latest spiritual leader to cause trouble during the presidential campaigning via inflammatory remarks, was “asked” by Cardinal Francis George to chill out for a few weeks and reflect. The members at St. Sabina, the church Pfleger leads, officially protested the move and demanded his reinstatement. So much for the meek inheriting the Earth.

• George Takei, best known as Sulu from the iconic Star Trek series, plans to marry his long-time boyfriend. A few Star Trek crew members will be present, including best man Walter Koenig (aka Chekhov) and matron of honor Nichelle Nichols (aka Uhura). However, it looks like William Shatner won’t get an invite. Seems Takei and Shat have had cool relations over the years. “Kirk and Shatner both have this grand ego of sense of self. He sits there in the center of the set and he revels [in] it,” noted Takei. Shatner would probably reply, “Don’t even boldly go there.”

• United Airlines will boldly go to fewer places, as the company cut 1,100 workers and 100 planes. United is also dumping its coach-only “Ted” service. “This environment demands that we and the industry act decisively and responsibly,” said United’s chairman, president and CEO. “At United, we continue to do the right work to reduce costs and increase revenue to respond to record fuel costs and the challenging economic environment.” Sounds like corporate speak for, “We’re going out of business.”

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