Friday, June 13, 2008

5582: Closed Minds And Open Mouths.

TGIF with a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• A few closing remarks from the lawyers at the R. Kelly child pornography trial:

“This is a 13-year-old girl having sex with a superstar. I mean a superstar, who’s won Grammy awards. And she tells no one? … You couldn’t keep a 13-year-old girl’s mouth quiet about having Hannah Montana tickets,” argued defense attorney Sam Adam Jr.

“This is not a whodunit. It’s a ‘he did it,’” countered Assistant State’s Attorney Shauna Boliker.

“You are going to have to call [the alleged victim], 14 times, individually and collectively, a whore,” said Adam.

“You know what’s on that tape. You know it’s vile. You know it’s disgusting. And you know it’s Robert Kelly,” said Boliker.

People, place your bets.

• Mike Tyson allegedly contributed $50,000 toward a contract to murder members of a Brooklyn gang accused of killing the former heavyweight’s bodyguard and friend in June 2000. Must be part of Tyson’s “Take A Bite Out Of Crime” campaign.

• In the latest example of unprofessionalism from FOX News, an interview featuring Dunkin’ Donuts conspiracy theorist Michelle Malkin flashed a title referring to Michelle Obama as “Obama’s baby mama.” During the interview, Malkin claimed she saw no examples of gratuitous or cheap shots taken at Mrs. Obama by Republican or conservative critics. Sounds like another example of blind ignorance.

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Joel said...

I hate Fox News as much as the next person, but when Obama had his coming out party for the Dems a few years ago his wife introduced him as her baby daddy in front of thousands. I remember because I smacked myself on the forehead and yelled D'oh! Not an excuse, just sayin'.