Sunday, June 15, 2008

5590: Monkeys And Morons.

A company ignited controversy by creating a sock monkey fashioned after Senator Barack Obama.

Now, they might have gotten away with it by arguing there are Santa, Sexy and Satan sock monkeys…

Plus, there have been sock monkeys for Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and George W. Bush…

Why, there have even been political sock monkeys…

Then again, they could have sewn the Obama version to be a different sock animal—including a donkey for the Democratic Party…

Instead, the company issued a statement claiming, “We simply made a casual and affectionate observation one night, and a charming association between a candidate and a toy we had when we were little.” Which kinda validates the contention of NAACP official Jeanetta Williams that the toy is “pure racism at its extreme.”

It also doesn’t help that the company is from Utah.

UPDATE: The Utah company has decided against moving forward with the Obama sock monkey. The website reads:

An Apology
We are very apologetic to all who were upset by our toy idea.
We will not be proceeding with the manufacturing of this toy.
Thank you.

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on a lark said...

i agree with ms. williams, suggesting that those of us who wish to witness change this year, in this country, grow a thicker skin. things will certainly get uglier before they get better. "fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night"
—Margo Channing (Bette Davis), All About Eve