Sunday, June 29, 2008

5637: Car Dealers And Adpeople—A Perfect Match.

This actual job listing for an Automotive Ad Agency Creative Director reads like the local car dealership hype the person will undoubtedly produce. The ideal candidate must create work as well as deliver voiceover copy—and have more hooks than bass pro shops! The clincher requirement: A master at innuendo.

We are a national full service Automotive Ad Agency looking for the right Creative Director. Can you concept, brand and retail while handling high volumes of TV, radio and newspaper ads on tight turnarounds? Better yet, are you a good voice talent that can deliver your words into the studio? This is a serious position for a busy ad agency. We have two radio production studios and two TV production studios in-house along with a full art department. We are looking for someone with the “gift,” the vision and ability to build a dealership’s brand equity while generating hooks and delivering dynamite retail. Someone who is good at concept and execution.

We are looking for someone with more hooks than bass pro shops! Someone who knows how to say you’re approved in over a hundred ways. Someone who can make words and phrasing dance to imply that all rebates, dealer cash and all manufacturer offers are available to anyone watching and listening, that the value of their trade is more than they originally paid for the vehicle. A master at innuendo. Someone who knows how to bring ups into the market and make our dealers’ offers stand out above all the rest.

To top it off you have to be able to do this while building the dealers brand equity.

Do your words have magic? Do they deliver, will our account executives and clients say, “That’s the stuff I like!”

Are you knowledgeable about manufacturer compliance requirements and know how to make this kind of creative work within these constraints?

We pride ourselves on our creative being unique, clever and engaging. Our work breaks through the clutter and is not standard car fare. Your range has to be from Audi to Volvo and everything in between, that means from Jag and Mercedes to Dodge, Chevy & Ford, to Toyota & Honda to Kia & Suzuki.

Do you have a killer TV and radio reel and a dynamite book? Send it to us so we can talk.

This is a management position and requires someone with the experience and knowledge to be able to communicate their ideas and concepts to account executives and coach them on how to present the campaigns to their clients.

The campaigns you develop have to answer the needs and challenges of our dealers.

You also will be in charge of quality control, supervising all creative and production before it ever leaves the shop for presentation or being released to be trafficked.

We are looking for someone who is fun to be around, even after crushing deadlines, long hours and the occasional weekend. A great leader and team member to work with our Senior TV and Radio Producer, Art Director and Account Executives. Someone that we can brag to our clients about!

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