Wednesday, June 18, 2008

5599: Rough Flights.

Flying blindly with a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Oh Canada. Air Canada plans to cut 2,000 jobs this year, citing problems stemming from the rising cost of fuel. “The loss of jobs is painful in view of our employees’ hard work in bringing the airline back to profitability over the past four years,” said the president and CEO. “I regret having to take these actions, but they are necessary to remain competitive going forward. Air Canada, like most global airlines, needs to adapt its business and reduce flying that has become unprofitable in the current fuel environment.” Maybe the airlines need to consider alternative solutions to jets running on fuel. Has anyone investigated solar-powered flight or hang gliders?

• OfficeMax is cutting 2,700 managerial jobs this month, but adding in-store sales positions. “We’re reducing the number of store management positions so that we can increase the number of associates on our floor,” said a spokesman. “The people are being offered an opportunity to apply for the new positions. It was really a decision driven by ‘How can we have enough people helping the customer?’” Plus, the company is probably feeling the effects of the rising cost of ink toner and rubber band balls.

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