Saturday, June 28, 2008

5635: For The Love Of Money (And Mini).

Mini news items in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Verne Troyer—aka Mini Me—is suing TMZ and a porn distributor over a sex video he made with a girlfriend. Troyer claims the video was stolen, and he’s demanding its return, along with $20 million for having the footage posted online. The online video will probably gross more loot than Troyer’s latest flick—The Love Guru with Mike Myers.

• The millionaire couple convicted of enslaving Indonesian housekeepers has been sentenced. The husband will serve 40 months in prison, while the wife received a whopping 11 years. They will also pay over $37,000 in fines. “I just want to say that I love my children very much,” said the wife. “I was brought to this Earth to help people who are in need.” Hopefully, she’ll be able to fulfill her destiny with fellow inmates.

• Anheuser-Busch plans to raise prices and cut jobs to become more valuable than the $65-per-share offered by InBev. The beer company will offer early retirement packages to employees. No word if the Clydesdales will be put out to pasture.

1 comment:

RFB said...

Suspicious that the "stolen" video should come out at the same time as the doomed Love Guru.

Wouldn't put it past them to have done this intentionally, with the lawsuit being bullshit.