Friday, June 20, 2008

5606: Friday Fast Notes.

TGIF with a MultiCultClassics Monologue….

• Happy belated Juneteenth to anyone celebrating.

• Senator Barack Obama apologized to two Muslim women who were denied seats near him during a campaign stop in Detroit. Campaign volunteers had told the women to remove their headscarves or exit the rally. “I spoke with [one of the women], and expressed my deepest apologies for the incident that occurred with volunteers at the event in Detroit,” stated Obama. “The actions of these volunteers were unacceptable and in no way reflect any policy of my campaign. Our campaign is about bringing people together, and I’m grateful that [the woman] accepted our apology and I hope…any who were offended accept my apology as well.” You know before this is all over, Obama and McCain will have issued more apologies than Charlie Sheen, Don Imus, Isaiah Washington, Mel Gibson and Michael Richards combined.

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