Saturday, June 21, 2008

5610: Community And Wedding Services.

Serving up the news in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty to charges stemming from assaulting security at London’s Heathrow Airport on April 3. She’ll pay a $4,600 fine and serve 200 hours of community service. Wonder if cleaning airport toilets would be deemed cruel and unusual punishment.

• Employees at the San Diego County Clerk’s Office had been raising religious objections to performing same-sex marriages, and now their bosses have ordered them to do their jobs or face reassignment. Guess you could call the instructions straight talk.

• Ellen DeGeneres announced plans to marry Portia de Rossi. “Yes, we have set a wedding date,” said DeGeneres. “How do I feel about it? I obviously feel like it’s long overdue. I think someday people will look back on this like women not having the right to vote and segregation and anything else that seems ridiculous that we don’t all have the same rights.” No word if the guest list will include employees at the San Diego County Clerk’s Office.

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