Friday, March 20, 2009

6561: In-Store Display Of Bullshit.

Whassup with Saatchi & Saatchi X? This is the agency that appears to be forever seeking creative help. Now Adweek posted an interview with Andy Murray, in-store marketing wonk at the company. Here’s one Q&A from the piece:

What are some innovative campaigns you’ve done on behalf of clients?

“Campaigns” in the traditional advertising sense are a small part of shopper marketing. We are doing very effective work worldwide in creating campaigns that bring the shopper a solution in the beauty or health category, for example, with a strong shopper-relevant idea across multiple brands. When partnering with a retailer and bringing a multi-brand campaign idea that leverages a shopper insight, we can move the needle on those brands’ business in a significant way. When stepping back from the aisle and looking at a category’s complete shopping experience from home to store to home, we see barriers to purchase that when solved, can have significant lift for the retailer, the category and the brand. Far too many categories today are difficult to shop, time-consuming, and not easy to understand due to poor communication architecture. Tackling these challenges is the sweet spot of strategic shopper marketing, much more so than in-store, temporary displays.

Holy shit, dude. That’s a long-winded response for saying you churn out shelf talkers and endcaps.

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