Tuesday, March 17, 2009

6553: Trust Me, This Is Beyond Pathetic.

TNT series Trust Me played a doubleheader this week. The program went 0-for-2.

However, the show did extend its clueless streak.

The opening episode demonstrated the creators still don’t get women. The gals depict a White man’s fantasy. All the female characters remain sexual objects—either they want to have intercourse with the main men, or they want to bang other men. It’s difficult to believe the creators bill themselves as the producers of The Closer, which portrays one of the most original, positive and authentic women on TV.

The second episode displayed more of the Boy’s Club networking so prevalent in our industry. A former partner of Conner’s proved to be an incompetent hack—and we’ve seen little evidence that Mason and Conner aren’t hacks too—yet he managed to land a gig at the agency anyway. In advertising, connections trump talent every time.

If Trust Me were like the real ad game, they’d bring in a new creative team pronto. Or the whole damn thing would be up for review.

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Anonymous said...

"little evidence that Mason and Conner aren’t hacks too" LOLOLOLO! Truer words... !