Wednesday, December 01, 2010

8214: Mad Men Mention.

In a blatant example of star-fucking, Piers Morgan (America’s Got Talent judge) interviewed John Slattery (Mad Men character actor) at Advertising Age’s Media Evolved Conference in New York. Here’s an excerpt from the event:

Mr. Slattery, on advertising: “You’d think I’d know a hell of a lot about advertising but I don’t know shit about advertising. To see these seminal campaigns in the way they were created, the research they put into some of those things is fascinating. David Ogilvy said you can have great creative, but if it doesn’t sell product it doesn’t mean shit. … And I think good creative is as important as ever. It’s more important because of the glut of advertising everywhere you turn. Whether you’re at the gas pump or on the elevator, everyone is trying to sell you something. It’s more difficult to get through all of that without good creative.”

Interestingly enough, Slattery’s clichéd response sounds remarkably like what a BDA executive—most of whom also don’t know shit about advertising—would say. BTW, Slattery’s work for Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is not good creative.

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