Monday, December 20, 2010

8275: Loser, Loser, Loser.

A Monday Night MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Jermaine Jackson filed a police report claiming his home was robbed of nearly $200,000 worth of stuff. Jackson said he returned from vacation in mid-September with a Louis Vuitton bag full of personal bling and goodies. He didn’t immediately unpack, and later discovered the bag and its contents were missing. Not sure what’s sadder—Jermaine Jackson allegedly getting ripped off or Jermaine Jackson vacationing with $200,000 worth of stuff.

• Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds is in hot water after delivering the line, “The reason I’m HIV negative is because I don’t mess with Haitian girls.” The remark pissed off New York City leaders and the Haitian community, with everyone calling for the DJ’s firing. The popular personality later apologized and admitted, “I made a stupid, tasteless joke that was a one-liner that was taken totally the wrong way.” Um, what’s the right way the one-liner should have been taken?

• New York Governor David Paterson is now paying—literally and figuratively—for five free 2009 World Series tickets he accepted. The state Public Integrity Commission pitched a $62,125 fine at Paterson. Damn, it might have been cheaper if Paterson had worked with a scalper instead.

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