Friday, December 24, 2010

8282: AAF HOF® WTF.

The American Advertising Federation is hyping the 62nd Advertising Hall of Fame® scheduled for March 30, 2011. The gala event features a lot of first-time elements.

For example, “the AAF will present for the first time ever the President’s Award for Special Lifetime Contributions to Advertising, an honor to be given to those whose primary career was not in advertising, but whose work has made enormous contributions to our industry. The inaugural recipient of the President’s Award is Bill Cosby.” Gee, it seems like the AAF is taking a page from the ADCOLOR® Awards by saluting a celebrity. BTW, it’s astonishing that Cosby has not won an ADCOLOR® Award, while Steve Stoute, Queen Latifah and Earvin “Magic” Johnson have.

The seven advertising legends slated for induction includes Earl G. Graves, Sr., Chairman, Founder and Publisher of Black Enterprise. Can’t wait to see the congratulatory ads that will likely run in the iconic magazine.

Another inductee is Eduardo Caballero, Founder of Caballero Radio and Television. Caballero’s induction will mark the first time that the Advertising Hall of Fame® has allowed a Latino to enter its exclusive ranks. Wow. Just wow. The organization behind the AAF Mosaic Center on Multiculturalism needed 62 years to find a worthy Latino? Couldn’t the AAF have at least handed an honorable trophy to the Frito Bandito?

The AAF’s current tagline reads: The Unifying Voice for Advertising. The unifiers still appear to speak primarily White.

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