Tuesday, December 14, 2010

8259: Santa Ain’t Coming To Town For $10/Hour.

According to this craigslist ad, Santa refuses to cut his rates, even during the holidays.

RE: Santa needed…

Date: 2010-12-14, 2:06AM CST
Reply to: gigs-fuz9p-2111928347@craigslist.org

Lemme make sure I understand this…you want to book a Santa with less than a week’s notice for the Saturday before Christmas.

Maybe add another zero to that hourly rate and you might find someone. Or keep it at $70 and cut the time to half an hour. Even mall Santas start at $20 per hour.

Offering the costume doesn’t help. Professional Santas have their own suits already, plus wigs and beards if they don’t grow their own white hair. But the costume is just part of it…do you really want a non-professional Santa handling your kids for seven hours? Someone with no experience talking to children? With no liability insurance in case something happens? No background checks?

Don’t insult us. You will only end up with “talent” that will embarrass you.

You get what you pay for.


Our Company needs a Santa Claus for an event this Saturday the 18th at the Marriott Hotel in Downers Grove (Finley & I-355). We have the suit and will pay $10/hr. cash. The event is from 2-9pm (7hr. gig). Please be jovial and fit the role - no one under 30yrs. of age. please. If interested you can call me directly at (630) 400-1477 – ask for Kris Kringle…

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Jayne Neverow said...

I love how you have to ask for Kris Kringle when you call.