Thursday, March 08, 2018

14060: IWD & BHM.

As predicted here, Adweek displayed just a few of the many pricey tributes created for International Women’s Day—which far exceed the crumby efforts for Black History Month.

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dreamers said...

I'd like to see a reality show where a white female agency creative team is given the time, budget and resources of an ethnic history month print ad, and told to make a nationwide impact. Like, one computer in the HR office they can only use at lunch time, and free clip art that comes pre-installed.

And a POC agency creative team was given the white Women's History Month campaign time, budget and resources to do the same. Being able to hire a whole film print graphics unit, a film production unit, a few days of shooting, editing, color correcting, music composer, wardrobe, makeup, hair, everything.

Then a panel of judges will choose will pretend they were on equal footing and decide who has the work in their portfolio to advance to the next round of opportunities.