Friday, March 23, 2018

14077: David & Gallopith.

Divertsity Diva Cindy Gallop continues to expose her cultural cluelessness by attacking David Miami for gender inequality in the shop’s recent reorganization. Forget the fact that the agency promoted from within—and ultimately elevated more minorities than the standard White advertising agency ever would or could. (Then again, maybe Gallop should have directed her ire towards Ogilvy Worldwide CEO John Seifert and Ogilvy USA Chief Talent Officer JR Zetrenne—as the two have also pledged to embrace divertsity.) Sorry, Cindy, but Latino agencies simply can’t find enough qualified White women to assume leadership roles. Perhaps they should offer White-women internships or scour Miami shopping malls for potential candidates. More likely, David Miami will recruit from Brazil.

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LCOldSchool said...

Those aren't really American minorities, though. Those are mostly white foreigners from South America on visas. Sometimes not even on visas, the holding company pays them peanuts in their country of origin and they temporarily live and work in Miami.

But the agencies in America still count these foreigners as minorities, and they lock out any local black or brown talent because really, who's going to hire or promote someone from Liberty City or Overtown when they can get a white ECD or head of an agency in São Paulo or Buenos Aires?

When agencies like this do hire local, it's the white guys and white women who get the best roles. Anyone of color gets stuck in HR or admin roles.