Saturday, April 09, 2016

13151: Advertising Hall Of Same.

Oops. Missed the deadline to join the AAF in congratulating the all-White honorees being inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame. Will Chris Rock serve as emcee for the gala ceremony? Oh, and check out the stock photography displaying clich├ęd diversity on the AAF website.


Anonymous said...

Please. The only way for the AAF to show diversity is to buy it in the form of a stock photo.

If they went into any of their partner agencies and took an actual photo of who's gathered around the conference room table making decisions it would make a blizzard in North Dakota look multicultural.

BSFactorHIGH said...

Finally solved the question of why the IAB was launching a program to (supposedly) train 10,000 (supposedly) diverse advertisers, which suspiciously seemed like a smokescreen at the time.



Just so they stand up and claim diversity at a time when they're under attack.

Know how I know it's BS? Because who, in today's day and age, when Gustavo Martinez is protected (not run out of town, protected) by his holding company for calling Blacks monkeys, when Campbell Ewald is throwing ghetto parties and also protected (at least until it hits the press), would claim:

"When you get back to your office, look around you at work, and pay attention. For these are your friends and colleagues who are under attack. Their skin is black, and brown, and ochre, as well as white. They speak Mandarin, and Spanish, and Hindu, and Farsi, as well as English. They celebrate Diwali, and Kwanzaa, and Ramadan, as well as Christmas and Chanukkah. And they are under assault."