Tuesday, April 26, 2016

13173: Adweek’s Diverted Diversity Issue.

Adweek presented its “Women’s Issue”—filled with plenty of diverted diversity. Funny how the trade publications annually salute White admen, adwomen, media people, young adpeople, etc. Why no “Minority Issue”—besides the fact that it would be damned difficult finding enough adpeople of color to fill an entire issue?

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Anonymous said...

My takeaway from this issue was that women of color in advertising need to be born outside the US to be successful. Exotic elite are preferred to minorities from the US 'hood.

That the best way to SEEM to have diversity in advertising is to use stock photos of black women when there's none mentioned in the article.

And that the other best way to make our industry seem diverse is to interview black women who aren't in advertising at all, but in other industries like tech or entertainment, and hope no one notices.

Except I notice. I'm sure I'm not the only one.