Monday, September 16, 2013

11446: Advertising Week Peek 1.

On September 23 (9:00 am at Hard Rock Café), Advertising Week 2013 will feature the following event:

Winning The Talent War

It’s never been more difficult to attract and retain world class talent. Charles Day of The Lookinglass will lead an extraordinarily influential and diverse group of industry leaders as they each describe their own best practice for winning the talent wars, and respond frankly in an extended Q&A with the audience.


Anne Bologna VP Brand Strategy, TRIP ADVISOR

Charles Day Founder, THE LOOKINGLASS


Jon Collins President, FRAMESTORE

Karina Wilsher President, ANOMALY



Troy Ruhanen Chairman and CEO of the Americas, BBDO

Not surprisingly, the “diverse group of industry leaders” doesn’t include Black people. In fact, the clan appears to be exclusively White. Wonder if the best practices will make any mention of creating inclusive workplaces.

Ironically (or perhaps obscenely), the exact same time slot will also feature the newly named “Here Are All The Black People” extravaganza at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Heaven forbid the two events might share common themes and goals.

On September 24 (4:00 pm at Liberty Theater), Advertising Week 2013 will stage the following event:

The Talent Mandate: How To Cast For The 21st Century

Talent is the single most important factor in guaranteeing business success. The 21st century’s best businesses — built on ideas rather than things — know that attracting, recruiting and cultivating talent must be a key priority, starting with the CEO. It’s what differentiates companies that grow and innovate from those that stagnate into extinction.

Moderator: Andrew Benett Global President, HAVAS WORLDWIDE

Troy Carter Founder, Chairman & CEO, ATOM FACTORY

Jim Citrin Leader CEO Practice, SPENCER STUART

David Kenny Chairman & CEO, THE WEATHER COMPANY

Sheila Marcelo Founder & CEO, CARE.COM

At least this one mixes things up a bit with Carter and Marcelo. But it’s a safe bet that diversity and inclusion will not be mentioned here too.

Later on Tuesday (5:00 pm at Hard Rock Café), GLAAD and ADCOLOR® will host the following event:

Amplified: LGBT Voices In Advertising

GLAAD and ADCOLOR present Advertising Week’s premier (and only) LGBT networking event, where you can connect with leaders from some of the world’s largest advertising firms championing LGBT inclusion. Experience some of the most moving images of LGBT people and families in ads before a Ketel One cocktail reception with celebrity guests and hundreds of advertising executives from around the country.

The evening is sponsored by Omnicom Group and Ketel One.

Moderator: Tiffany Warren SVP & Chief Diversity Officer, OMNICOM GROUP

Calvin Burwell Director of Consumer Planning, DIAGEO & RAINBOW NETWORK

Felicia Geiger SVP & Director of Diversity & Inclusion, DEUTSCH, INC

Nice to see sponsor Omnicom has made progress since 2008, when advertising columnist Bob Garfield wrote an open letter to Omnicom CEO John Wren and blasted the holding company for producing homophobic advertising. Looks like ADCOLOR® is expanding to add rainbow colors to its philanthropic palette too.

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