Thursday, September 26, 2013

11470: The Crazy Ones Sucks.

MultiCultClassics mistakenly thought CBS series The Crazy Ones debuted a few weeks ago. Wish it had—as that would’ve resulted in missing the premiere episode.

If AMC series The Pitch and TNT series Trust Me were stuffed into a trash compactor, the produced garbage would still smell less shitty than The Crazy Ones. The promotional hype calls the show a single-camera workplace comedy. That’s one camera too many—and it’s impossible to identify a single moment that could be classified as comedic. The only positive thing about The Crazy Ones is its 30-minute format. A full hour would have been pure torture.

Mork is a more believable character than Robin Williams’ Simon Roberts. Buffy should be recruited to slay Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Sydney Roberts. Creator David E. Kelley comes off like a staff writer for AgencySpy.

The Crazy Ones bears virtually zero resemblance to the real advertising industry—except in its depiction of a star-fucking, staff-fucking, nepotistic, predominately White agency.


William Dowe said...

The worst CBS show ever aired. I still can't understand a word that Mr. Williams says.

Bill Dowe

Dean Jackson said...

The crazy ones are the viewers of this piece of trash. Why does Robin Williams continue to get work.

Unknown said...

The show suck, time for Mr williams to retire!

Anonymous said...

I hate it William should retire who tries to be funny and you can tell he's trying to be funny

Anonymous said...

I would expect this show to be cancelled, but with all the other worthless programming on tv it will probably fit right in.

Phillip Stewart said...

I literally cannot sit through a full episode of this horrible show. Who watches this thing? I tried to watch when Pam Dawber was on as a tribute to Mork & Mindy, but it was just SOOO Godawful!!! This has to be a low point for all involved. But honestly, having seen other CBS comedies (their term not mine) it may be the best of this crop of weeds.