Thursday, September 19, 2013

11457: More Total Market Total Bullshit.

Almost missed this Advertising Week 2013 event scheduled for September 23 at the Hard Rock Café:

Total Market Strategy: Top Marketers’ Not-So-Secret Weapon

You’ve heard the term… and you’ve probably also heard different interpretations of its meaning. Amidst the rapidly shifting demographics of our nation, the concept of multicultural marketing is being phased out in favor of marketing to a truly multicultural nation. Top consumer marketers talk about what Total Market Strategy means to their business, and share examples of how they are using it to drive sales growth.

Hear their techniques on marketing to all consumers regardless of ethnicity or language by leveraging the similarities — rather than the differences — in consumer insights, creative development and go-to-market strategies.

Interestingly enough, the panelists include executives from MillerCoors and Colgate Palmolive. Um, both advertisers employ multicultural advertising agencies—and Colgate even saluted Uniworld Founder Byron Lewis for his ADCOLOR® honor. If these racist hypocrites really believe “the concept of multicultural marketing is being phased out,” let’s hope they notify their minority shops before pulling away the crumbs.

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