Tuesday, September 17, 2013

11450: Advertising Week Peek 2.

On September 25, it seems like Advertising Week 2013 will take a short break from feigning interest for people of color, as only the annual AAF Mosaic Forum and Diversity Achievement and Mosaic Awards are slated to happen. This year’s Mosaic Forum is hyped as follows:

The American Advertising Federation would like to invite you to the 2013 Mosaic Forum “Get Inspired: Turning Diversity Tension Into Creative Gold.” The forum will be a 90-minute discussion featuring risk-taking organizations that have learned to embrace diversity tension (the good, bad, ugly and beautiful) and their resulting innovations.

It must be noted that the five participating organizations include Leo Burnett and Razorfish. Perhaps the two representatives from the Publicis-owned companies will focus on the bad and ugly. They certainly have few to no positive achievements to brag about.

Speaking of having few to no positive achievements, Omnicom CEO John Wren is scheduled to pick up his Pioneer of Diversity trophy at the Diversity Achievement and Mosaic Awards. Anyone capable of explaining this tribute deserves an honorary Mosaic Award—or an Oscar for outstanding acting.

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