Saturday, September 21, 2013

11460: Mad Black Men Seeks Green.

Xavier Ruffin thinks AMC series Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is a liar.

The filmmaker, writer and designer is out to debunk Weiner’s White lies that Blacks were invisible in the advertising industry during the Mad Men era. Ruffin’s counter-argument comes in the form of an original web series titled Mad Black Men.

To realize his dream, Ruffin is seeking financial support to fund the production. Visit Indiegogo now for all the details—plus, follow Ruffin on Facebook and Twitter.

Then make like Hollis the elevator attendant and help Ruffin rise to the occasion with a contribution. Hurry, the campaign drive ends October 9.


Craig Brimm said...

Awesome of you! (Very)

Alex McFarland said...

Couldn't this show be sued for copyright infringement because the plot and title sequence is heavily based on an already established show?