Sunday, September 22, 2013

11464: Here Are All The Black Speakers.

The newly named Here Are All The Black People will feature keynote speaker Cornel West. Interesting choice. The man has certainly spoken out on issues involving diversity and discrimination. Plus, his academic background may make him comfortable communicating to fresh college graduates and younger audiences. Yet wouldn’t the attendees prefer Kanye West versus Cornel West? After all, Here Are All The Black People appeared to be shying away from the political and focusing more on the professional. West (Cornel, not Kanye) recently called Rev. Al Sharpton “the bonafide house negro of the @BarackObama plantation” on Twitter (in 2009, incidentally, Sharpton celebrated the NAACP’s 100th anniversary with the equality champions at Ogilvy). So if you’re going to expose wannabe advertising executives to a fiery guy like West, why not include, say, Sanford Moore too?

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Sanford Moore said...


Thanks my Brother for always remembering and giving me my props. Cornel has a responsibility to know who he is taking money from and why he's getting paid. You can bet it ain't about Black folks getting their just dues on Mad Ave. The last place undereducated, mediocre white people can make big money and be stars. We set the tone of American pop culture but can't write copy on Mad Ave. Like pro-sports, white stars until they let us out of the jar. I will go to the event to keep it real. Again, my respect for what you say and the way you say it. Sanford Moore aka "the cutman"