Tuesday, December 22, 2020

15246: Procter & Gamble Proceeds To Lead With Love—For Themselves.

More About Advertising spotlighted the latest Procter & Gamble patronizing propaganda—Lead With Love—whereby the mega-advertiser proposes to deliver 2,021 “acts of good” during 2021. First of all, the lack of originality makes the good deeds campaign a bad idea. Most honest people who execute true random acts of kindness solemnly agree that taking credit and/or receiving recognition shows insincere intent and self-promotional narcissism—so, creating a 2,021 checklist is patently pathetic. Of course, the work will be led by White advertising agencies. In a time when corporations strive to establish anti-racist personas, P&G continues to lead with hypocrisy.


P&G ‘leads with love’ in bold charter for 2021


By Stephen Foster


Procter & Gamble has revealed its determination to ‘Lead with Love’ in 2021, 2,021 “acts of good” throughout the year for Covid-related causes. The campaign is spearheaded by a film proposing love as one of eight emotions displayed by babies.


By Dentsu Mcgarrybowen from an idea of Wieden+Kenedy’s it seems (bet there wasn’t too much love around when that decision was made.)


P&G CEO David Taylor says: “P&G People people believe we have a responsibility to society, and we will continue to step up and step forward to use our reach and resources to be both a force for good and a force for growth. As the world turns to 2021, P&G is committing to lead through acts of good that will have a lasting, positive impact on people and communities around the world.”


P&G has had a pretty good pandemic, as has its equally woke consumer goods rival Unilever, and with vast amounts of everyday products on its hands is well placed to help people with all sorts of supplies including what it calls “period products.” It is also supporting clean water schemes and other causes.


Easy to be cynical of course but large parts of the world — including many people in so-called advanced societies — are on their knees and why shouldn’t a big company help and win some plaudits in the process?


Wonder what Unilever is planning?


Let’s hope P&G walks the walk.


MAA creative scale: 7.

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