Thursday, December 10, 2009

7341: Viewing Tiger From The Gallery.

Why is everyone expressing such shock and awe over the Tiger Woods drama?

Is anyone really surprised?

Woods is definitely a phenomenal golfer. He has already changed the game on a host of levels. This latest episode might be nothing more than a continuation of the revolution. PGA players have achieved rock star status, replete with accommodating groupies.

When the scandal proceeded to unfold, MultiCultClassics immediately recalled Woods’ infamous 1997 GQ interview. Others have done likewise.

For those who missed it, writer Charles P. Pierce revealed a Tiger Woods that his PR team has successfully hidden from the public. In the piece, Woods was shown expressing himself with heavy profanity. He told racist and sexist jokes. He flirted with women during the GQ cover photo shoot. One excerpt almost foreshadowed the events of the moment (edited for brevity):

“What I can’t figure out,” Tiger Woods asks Vincent, the limo driver, “is why so many good-looking women hang around baseball and basketball. Is it because, you know, people always say that, like, black guys have big dicks?”

So I [writer Charles P. Pierce] step in. It is said to be the case, I begin, trying to give Vincent a moment to regroup, that women follow baseball and basketball closely because those two sports put them in greater proximity to the players.

“What about golf then?” says Tiger, and now I am stumped for an answer.

Sure, Woods was only 21 when the interview happened. And his PR team condemned the writer and the publication, insisting the golfer’s words were taken out of context, etc. But in the end, Woods has “grown up” like any other superstar. That is, he hasn’t grown up.

Woods is almost stereotypical of professional athletes and rock stars. Even the great ones like Michael Jordan were suspected of hooking up on the road. Or at home, as Woods has allegedly done.

In his book on the Chicago Bulls, The Jordan Rules, writer Sam Smith noted how the media looked the other way regarding Jordan’s transgressions. Now there are indications that Woods’ handlers have been aware of their boss’ behavior. It’s highly probable that Elin Nordegren knew too. Hell, Mr. and Mrs. Woods didn’t exactly meet at a church social.

So what’s the point of this perspective? Not sure, really. Just thinking that everyone needs to chill out. Tiger Woods is a multimillionaire rock star. While it’s not pretty, he’s just been doing what a lot of rock stars do. He’s apparently been doing a lot of the groupies rock stars do too.

Give the dude some credit for helping the economy. How many women have avoided unemployment thanks to his generosity? It’s a stimulus plan that political leaders like Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer and Newt Gingrich would approve.

Will Woods rebound from this Escalade escapade? Ask Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick, Alex Rodriguez, Wade Boggs, Marv Albert and a host of others.

We should remember what Charles Barkley admitted: “I am not a role model.”


fakename said...

People are fake. Athletes, even our heroes the people we look up to are fake. We all got stuff in our lives if they were to ever come out will reveal and destroy the image we portray and want people to see. No different with tiger woods.

Why does sammy sosa bleach his face white, why does tiger woods marry a white woman, why does oprah refuse to interview rappers, why all of a sudden are celebrities adopting black kids,why do black athletes marry white women, why do they do that?

Its all about image and manipulating the public to benefit yourself! Tiger doesnt give a damn about black people, you could tell from the jump hes trying to be a part of the elite society he wont even call himself "black". Hes calabasian! --ha

You can bet tiger was screwing around with chicks before,while, and during his marriage and the birth of his two kids. His wife probably knew this too. Most women have a sixth sense and can figure out things so easily. And tiger isnt a playa like that dude was doing stuff by text message-moron

He always wanted to put out a image of a clean cut down to earth man. That image is now tainted, hes been revealed as a fraud. The reason why his endorsements havent left is because hes the most popular golfer on the planet, until he drops to lower rank, they will support or at least try to "modify" his image to sell their products.

Look up to god and not man, god won't fail you but man will.

Anonymous said...

The fact that he went after big boobed white pornstars is even more disgusting. Thats as low as u can get. At least get some decent chicks, dude was banging out dirty chick after dirty chick. --he's a fraud

Anonymous said...

His wife should be tested for HIV. He was sleeping with pornstars strippers etc, who knows what diseases this moron is passing to his wife.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Erin pounded back. Latest rumor is that she knocked out one of his teeth and that's why he's not been out in public.