Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7357: Dunn Not Done.

Advertising Age presents an interview with Adversity creator Julius Dunn, who speaks about his one year with The One Club.


Anonymous said...

Well, Julius bless his heart is half right and half wrong.

1. kids, know little about advertising and the doors that allow them to have success in the business.--its all about who you know and not about talent like the industry would want you to believe

2. diversity initiatives like this are needed especially in urban areas.

3. One of the few people that do care and will go on camera and be interviewed about diversity. Young voices are needed.


1.JWT and the One club were in all in agreement knew the plug was gonna be pulled on adversity. The party was just the icing on the cake. The fact that he says that he was in shock just tells you how much of a "connection" these people had with him. These were the same people that knew they were gonna cut the program and went to that party and had a grand old time, and didnt care.

2. This was not because of money that the oneclub ended. The oneclub rakes in millions in award show fees and events. that a bunch of bull. There lying to him, but he probably knows that racism still exists especially on the creative side of advertising. Some of the agencies that were supposedly teaming up with him have no diversity on their creative teams. --what does that tell you. They were using him from the jump.

3. Multicultclassics touches on this a lot but what about junior-mid-senior level folks and folks with more than 3 years after ad school people of color who still cant get in with great portfolios? Nobody focuses on them at all! Whites have minorities especially black folks focusing on interships and educational programs, there comes a time after 20+ years to demand equality to opportunity to a decent career in the business. Ive seen and witnessed countless stories of people who just get fed up and leave. Theres no pipeline for those kids once they finish college. So even if adversity continued on, they would be stuck just like the previous generation of kids.

4. Most of these diversity initiatives accept funds from the very agencies that discriminate. So at the end of the day, the real people in power never get questioned when initiatives like the oneclub get shut down.

5. A fair warning to others but people need to stop being naive and start realizing that unless u question these people with power and money they will have minorities going in a merry go round for years to come. Wake up people! As much as I hate to admit it no diversity initiative is gonna get these people to stop and change unless a lawsuit drops, these people will continue this for years to come. 4a's, torch, pencil, adcolor, mosiac, MG Project, are set up for failure because no one at any of these agencies is being held accountable. Like the old saying goes u can have a church on every single block in the hood, if there not connected to the people and care to make a difference violence will continue.

KissMyBlackAds said...

I was glad to hear his point of view.

I wish dude all the best. It is a valiant effort and it looks like he's soldiering on.

atslopes said...

Change is gonna come maybe not this year but it will come soon..., I'm not sure the ad world is ready for it though, which is very sad!

All the best to julius, Im sure his efforts didn't go unnoticed, by those commited and not commited to changing the face of diversity in this industry.

HustleKnocker said...

as the great Katt Williams once observed:

it's pimpin, pimpin.

and now we know. (but didn't we always?)

Unknown said...

well what's the f*cking solution?

A lawsuit? "Power concedes nothing..."
I guess.

To quote NWA, "the mutha-f*ckin' saga continues!"

Anonymous said...

On the real, this is why I dropped the fuck out of this game after just a few years of being treated like an animal and at times actually being referred to as one. After having my dreams deferred, I said fuck it and started my own shit. Sure I play deep out in left field in the minor leagues, but you know what, I get to play. I get to play in the starting line-up and I make an honest living in a dirty ass field.

That's why I tell'em to kiss my black ads too.

Anonymous said...

He said "he didnt see it coming"--that in itself is a shame.

Dammit how blind are these minorities, the people who your dealing with don't have ur best interest at heart and don't care about you or your people or diversity.
Took him long enough to figure it out, but then again Im not sure he's aware they used him as a rag, dragged him through the mud, and now they've discarded him. --damn

I'm sure though ominicom could use another diversity officer, he should try sending his resume to tiffany warren. She'll definitely hook him up.