Saturday, December 12, 2009

7350: Taking Hits.

Hitting the news in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• As Tiger Woods announced his “indefinite leave” from golf, a couple of sponsors were questioning their continued relationships with the man. AT&T is apparently reconsidering its connections—which is pretty bizarre, as there is an obvious text message advertising idea worth pursuing. Gillette is also reducing Woods’ presence in its campaign—which is good news for consumers, as those particular ads are terrible.

• MTV will not air footage of a character, Snooki, being punched by a drunk man in the reality series Jersey Shore. However, the network will still broadcast a PSA on violence against women. Additionally, Snooki will confess to being hit on by Tiger Woods.

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Anonymous said...

Needless to say tiger woods embarrassment and now indefinite leave from golf is gonna mess up a lot of peoples money, whether they want to admit it or not. He's their breadwinner, without tiger woods, golf is literally invisible.
A ton of people are gonna lose their jobs etc because of his actions. The ramifications are huge, the trickle down effects are huge.

As much as they might want to curse him to his face and call him a no good negro, they need him more than he needs them. Hes literally screwing entire sport of golf! He can hold them hostage and say screw it im not coming back if he wants too!