Thursday, December 24, 2009

7382: We Don’t Need No Stinking Business Plan.

This actual craigslist ad must have been written by an unemployed account person. He wants to start a business and needs creative people to think outside the box and launch it. Of course, he has no strategy or vision. Or specifics. Or budget. He just asks creative people to think outside the box and come up with something. At which point, he’ll run with it.

let’s create something (chicago/wisconsin)

Date: 2009-12-24, 12:48PM CST
Reply to:

i want to create a business with others. let’s face it, the economy won’t get any better, so we have to think outside the box. i’m looking to team up with creative people and get our ideas and sell them online. after all it’s a global economy. i’m looking to team up with graphic artists, copywriters, accountants, web expert, e marketer, data base marketer, product fulfillment company, basically to work as a team and make money. this might be ideal for a skillful person that is struggling with money at the moment. i’m not looking for you to invest anything but your time and skills. i’m looking for open minded individuals that think outside the box. i do respect your time, after all that is our most important asset. if your interested in teaming up to get ahead, let me know.

thanks, have a merry christmas.

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