Friday, April 15, 2011

8704: Inside Madison Avenue By Industry Outsider.

It’s always interesting to see the advertising industry being examined by people who are completely clueless about the advertising industry. Take Michael Miner, for example, who wrote a lengthy Chicago Reader story about the new Principles and Practices of Advertising developed by the AAF and the University of Missouri. Miner is a decent journalist who usually does his homework on subjects, yet he apparently didn’t see the obvious indications that the ethics manifesto was bullshit. OK, most folks unfamiliar with Madison Avenue might not realize that the AAF is an irrelevant trade organization with zero power and influence over the happenings in advertising agencies. But why would anyone think the University of Missouri was qualified to weigh in on matters? Mizzou representatives are no more suited for the task than graduates of Westwood College—and far less capable than former adwoman/corporate criminal Shona Seifert. Anyway, if you’re inclined to lose roughly 15 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back, feel free to peruse Miner’s analysis. But don’t complain afterward that you weren’t warned.

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