Thursday, November 08, 2012

10706: Why Mad Ave Is Like GOP.

Despite the nutty argument that political conservatives are few and far between in the advertising industry—as well as the poorly produced political propaganda pushing a liberal agenda—Madison Avenue actually mirrors the GOP in some key areas.

As even Republicans are conceding, the party failed to connect with minorities and women, helping President Barack Obama retain his role as Commander-in-Chief. Gee, what other group has a questionable relationship with non-Whites and non-Males?

Sure, adpeople insist they’re committed to inclusiveness—just as the GOP boasts a welcoming spirit and binders of women—but in the end, inactions speak louder than words.

The advertising elite—like the GOP—maintain their position of power, yet can they sustain their place on the org chart over time? Will their out-of-touch tendencies put them further outside of the mainstream and ultimately make them irrelevant?

Cultural cluelessness cannot be cured by delegating diversity or ignoring reality. At least the right wingers aren’t scouring the inner cities for future candidates or asking, “Where Are All The Black Republicans?”

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