Monday, February 01, 2016

13040: BHM 2016—Essence.

Essence magazine celebrates “Black Girl Magic” with covers spotlighting Johnetta Elzie, Teyonah Parris and Yara Shahidi. The covers also proclaim, “Black History Matters.” But from an advertising perspective, the proclamation is highly debatable. After all, the February issue of Essence contains a mere seven Black History Month advertisements. In fact, the BHM advertisements are outnumbered by advertisements featuring White women—which reflects the diverted diversity that’s happening in the industry right now.

As in past years, MultiCultClassics will strive to present at least one BHM advertisement per day during February—but nothing is guaranteed, given the current lackluster interest from advertisers.

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readerFAN said...

I hear Essence isn't doing so good :(

Just like Univision, they've stopped the filters and requirements they used to have in place. Univision allows tons of English programming now, they don't care that everyone in the ads are blonde, and apparently neither does Essence.

That's a sure sign that an ethnic media outlet's on the downward slide and taking any ads they can get rather then the best ads they can demand.

And if we lose Essence that's a damn shame.