Sunday, February 14, 2016

13072: Richards/Lerma Sucks.

This stuff looks like sophomoric scam advertising from portfolio school students. But it’s an actual campaign conceived and created by Richards/Lerma in Dallas, those wonderful folks who gave you talking vaginas for Summer’s Eve. Stay classy, guys.

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former_RL said...

Be kind. This is probably the only original piece of work that's not a translation of The Richards Group's work they'll get to do all year.

And by "get to do" I mean "funded mostly out of their own pockets, that's why it looks cheap."

Ethnic ad agencies and teams like Lerma get stuck in this loop constantly, where they can't do original work because their contracts limit them to mere shadows of the General Market's work, and if do get a shot at original work (the kind that wins awards) it has to be pro bono or self financed for a local company paying them in popsicles and spare change.