Saturday, February 06, 2016

13050: Ghetto Blasting.

AgencySpy gossiped that multiple White advertising agencies across the country held meetings to “specifically address” the Campbell Ewald racist incident which resulted in firings and the potential loss of a major client. Presumably, the shops discussed the imperative to prevent similar scenarios from taking place. Really? By golly, let’s be sure to avoid openly displaying bigoted behavior. Heaven knows it’s so easy to make a slip—especially during Black History Month. Come on, people, we worked through Martin Luther King, Jr. Day without messing up. We can be civil—even if we lack a basic understanding of Civil Rights.

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scratch said...

Cue the:

Stern slideshow presentations by rent-a-diversity-experts that rotate between a couple of agencies and pretend to be full time staff at each one (at least until the clients turn their heads).

Campbell Ewald to appoint some kind of black man or woman as VP of Diversity (at least until the clients turn their heads).

Campbell Ewald or IPG to announce some kind of diversity opportunities scholarship or training scheme for teenagers or junior college students in San Antonio and Detroit.

Dry memos warning agency staff to "think before you email".

Contracts to be quietly rewritten to ensure stiff consequences if agency staff leak internal anything to the press.

Behind the scenes manipulations by agencies or holding companies to attempt to bring an end to Agency Spy.

This same kind of leak of something equally stupid and racist to occur 6 months from now, because this industry never changes.