Friday, February 12, 2016

13067: BHM 2016—Macy’s.

For Black History Month, Macy’s celebrates with celebrities.


EnglishWins said...

University of Phoenix found a great way to shake down black and brown people in America for even more money.

By an expensive campaign touting how important it is to hire them for jobs, except when push came to shove...

University of Phoenix mostly hired white people from the United Kingdom to create their ads.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is kind of a cool promotion. I don't know how effective having one celebrity into one single store location is, but I appreciate the thought behind it. There's a little upscale glamour to it in theory, I just don't know how Macy's would capitalize on it in the end.

Way too easy to say, "See, nobody shows up for BHM promotions, there's no reason to put money behind it" when the reality is, "Nobody shows up or cares to share a one-off event that's not widely advertised or designed to spark a social media conversation in some way."

I want to take Macy's and tell them to go big or go home, but baby steps I guess.