Tuesday, February 02, 2016

13043: White Agency Of The Year.

Droga5 was named Creativity 2016 Agency of the Year—and the agency portrait above looks like a deliberate effort was made to push people of color into the picture. However, the leadership photo below shows Droga5’s true colors.


Anonymous said...

C'mon, it's not like they purposely engineered it to put all the people of color right up front in their photo montage! Plenty of agencies put the mailroom clerk in the front line.

And if you squint you can see how there's a lot of black faces in the back-- oh, wait, no. It's all white except for the first couple of rows.

And the mailroom clerk they purposely put up front.

hahasrsly? said...

What was that conversation like? What did the photog have to say? How did the person who organized this manage to get all the brown people lumped together, since it was pretty obviously on purpose??

"Um, could everyone who, you know.... Um... Could everyone who sort of sits together at lunch maybe just cluster?"

Or, um... Could the following employees that I am TOTALLY RANDOMLY calling out in no particular order, I swear! stand together and pretend not to notice that everybody's black? But only in this one photo? That I'll then montage together?"