Thursday, February 25, 2016

13096: BHM 2016—RNC.

The Republican National Committee celebrates Black History Month—no, really, they are celebrating the month—with a video saluting Black Republican Trailblazers. Not in the tribute: Ben Carson. Plus, no comments on “The Blacks” from Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty bad when the Black Republicans can assemble more photos of black members than the average ad agency can.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone needs a 2016 case study in how the white advertising industry treats black women's bodies.

Anonymous said...

Add SapientNitro to the agencies that think the word "diversity" only means "women."

Seriously, though. An entire Adland article about "diversity" where their definition of diversity has expanded to include even diversity of body temperature, but not (as usual) a single note about ethnic diversity.

For good measure, some technology no one ever wants to talk about because it affects so few of the creators, and a lot more of the users: