Sunday, February 28, 2016

13104: #WatsonSoWhite.

Advertising Age spotlighted the Ogilvy-created IBM Watson commercials slated to run during the Academy Awards. IBM VP-Content and Global Creative Ann Rubin gushed, “With the diversity of the audience watching, we wanted to reach out in a way that is very consumable through humor and ignite the conversation about cognitive computing.” Huh? Once again, an advertiser allegedly sought to reach a diverse audience, yet hired a painfully White advertising agency. And Ogilvy once again shat out an exclusively White campaign starring Ridley Scott and Carrie Fisher. Hell, even the robots in Fisher’s spot appear to be White.

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Anonymous said...

"With the diversity of the audience watching," is Diversity of Thought©.

That's when you SAY the word "diversity" enough that that your ad agency or organization takes on the sheen of caring about diversity, without actually doing anything diverse (other than hiring and promoting white women and patting yourself on the back for diversity).