Thursday, February 22, 2007

Essay 1746

Uncommonly sorry news in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Rapper Common is scheduled to perform at Duke University in April. Problem is, he dissed the school’s lacrosse team during a concert at Emory University last year. “F— them damn n—s from Duke lacrosse,” Common allegedly freestyled. “I really believe in my heart that those boys in Duke lacrosse did it — that they raped a black princess.” Duke officials don’t plan to cancel the upcoming concert, as a contract is already signed. A Duke spokeswoman said, “We’re not actively seeking an apology. It’s free speech. But we would like a statement from [Common’s management] just so we know they recognize that to us it is a very grave situation.” The Duke lacrosse team is probably just hoping for free tickets.

• Producers for “Dreamgirls” apologized to Motown legend Barry Gordy via a full-page ad in Variety. The ad from Paramount and DreamWorks read, “‘Dreamgirls’ is a work of fiction. It is also an homage to Motown. We used many wonderful accomplishments that belong to the rich Motown history. For any confusion that has resulted from our fictional work, we apologize to Mr. Gordy and all of the incredible people who were a part of that great legacy. It is vital that the public understand that the real Motown story has yet to be told.” Gordy released a statement that read, “For the past 50 years, I have been protecting the integrity, the love and the talent that is and has become Motown’s legacy. … I applaud DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures for doing their part, to clearly differentiate the fictional movie ‘Dreamgirls’ from the real Motown.” No word yet from the Duke lacrosse team.

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