Friday, February 23, 2007

Essay 1750

Equal Play in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• This year, Wimbledon will award equal prize awards to the men and women competitors for the first time. “I just feel that in the modern world with the modern thoughts, we all understand that everyone’s equal,” said Venus Williams. “So if someone else doesn’t choose to live in the modern world and do the right thing, then thank God that the majority of people in the All England Club do.” Does this mean NBC will pay the same amount of loot to John McEnroe and Mary Carillo? You cannot be serious!

• Republican students at NYU drew criticism for playing a game dubbed “Catch the Illegal Immigrant.” The game calls for participants to hunt down a student wearing a name tag labeled “illegal immigrant.” A protesting student remarked, “The idea of hunting down an illegal immigrant in a game was disgusting. … If they want to have an honest conversation about a very difficult topic, let’s do it. Instead, they decided to host what many of us felt was an insensitive and offensive event.” Wait until the students learn about the “South Of The Border Party” held at Santa Clara University.

• A North Carolina high school teacher sparked controversy after allegedly permitting an anti-Muslim group to address a ninth-grade class and distribute questionable literature, including a pamphlet titled “Do Not Marry A Muslim Man.” Imagine the parties this moron might chaperone.

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Hajpaj said...

as much as i like certain tennis players from Edberg to Borg to the Williams sisters and sabatini, etc. its a pretty whiny bunch.

equal pay mean equal performance and in the case of womens athletes--equal revenue, fan support.

People barely watch men's tennis and minus the williams sisters, the numbers for the WTA are abysmal.

if you do can bring comparable perforance to the table, then you should get paid equally. but women don't even watch women's tennis at the rate they watch men. So why should they get paid the same? They (the WTA) hasn't deliever major numbers since Graf and Navaritolova and Everrett were on tour and that was 20 years ago.

but whaddoo i know?