Wednesday, June 15, 2016

13223: McHypocrisy.

The hype for these advertisements reads, “With the campaign, McDonald's wants to continue celebrating tolerance, diversity and generosity.” Okay, but Mickey D’s continues to conspire with White advertising agencies where there is no tolerance and diversity; plus, the fast feeder hardly shows generosity to its minority shops, paying them McCrumbs.

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Total Market BS said...

Crumbs? Crumbs are too big to describe what McDonald's has left for people of color in the ad agency world.

Well paid ethnic market work dried up years ago. Shadows are all that's left now.

What's replaced all that work, and all the POC working on those accounts, are more of these bullshit "Total Market" campaigns where a regular ad is cast with rainbow models.
White as a milkshake behind all that though.