Thursday, June 23, 2016

13231: Off The Wall With 180LA.

AgencySpy spotlighted a spot for 360FLY by 180LA that is 110% culturally clueless. If anyone is wondering how such a mess could ever get out of an agency without being questioned, well, just view the 180LA leadership exclusivity.

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Anonymous said...

It does not surprise me one bit that the best this agency can come up with, when allowed to put Latinos on screen, is portraying them as maids, gardeners and street vendors running from la migra.

Walk into any big or mid-sized agency in LA and it's filled with white male creatives, followed by a handful of white female creatives (as proof of commitment to diversity) rainbow flags everywhere (more proof of commitment to diversity), and then a lot of dogs. Always lots of dogs. Certainly a lot more than minority creatives.

There might be a handful of foreign creatives and producers, but they are always of the "white male from an exotic country variety". Brazilians, but never black Brazilians. South Africans, but never Black South Africans. Spaniards, always white. Someone from China or India, but always half-Asian, half-English, educated in England. Etc.

Then, for "color," you have a couple of MAIP interns scattered here and there, some junior account types that are Asian, Filipina, Mexican, HR is always One Black Woman, and then nada.

Mostly, you go into these agencies and there are Mexican and Central American valets parking the cars, Mexicans watering the plants and doing trimming the landscaping, Latinos pushing the janitorial carts, Latinos or African-Americans manning the security desk, and then a sea of white faces everywhere else.

The creatives on this 180LA account are reflecting the world they live in. Latinos as servile background actors while white men take center stage and ignore everything going on around them.