Wednesday, July 09, 2008

5678: Not-So-Great Expectations.

As expected, Ken Wheaton’s perspective on the recent meeting involving New York City’s Commission on Human Rights has inspired comments. As expected, it’s another collection of the contrived and stereotypical responses these types of discussions consistently generate. If you’re expecting the expected rebuttals, start here, here and here. Or scan through the previous 5,677 posts on this blog. It speaks volumes that our industry continues to rehash the same attitudes, opinions and ideas on the topic—have we not made any progress in the past few decades? Now we’ll see more people debate imaginary standards, recruit outsiders as diversity consultants, launch interns-of-color programs, award special trophies to minorities and fire up the classic smokescreens. Perhaps it’s time for organizations like New York City’s Commission on Human Rights to pursue legal action. Hey, that would be unexpected.


raafi said...

I'm just waiting on the business model that obviates this silly and predictable discussion.

HustleKnocker said...

raafi, the biz model is already there but people don't want to embrace it. they may have no choice in another 20-40 years. but for now, they're gonna maintain the status quo as long as they can?

Anonymous said...

I'm growing far too cynical. Researching the history of the industry as it relates to African Americans' presence leaves me with a giant feeling of "meh" when I read about these discussions. As others have observed, real change and consistent change may only come with concerted legal action.