Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5758: When The Offended Become Offensive.

Last week, MultiCultClassics spent too many posts examining people offended by the offended. Now let’s waste time discussing what happens when the offended become offensive.

Bob Garfield ignited spirited debate by condemning Omnicom for its infamous Snickers commercial featuring Mr. T shooting at a seemingly gay speedwalker. On certain levels, Garfield had a valid point. Yet the columnist arguably took things too far, as he compared the commercial with the Matthew Shepard killing and Nazi propaganda.

Today, Garfield connected the Snickers spot with the murderous Tennessee gunman who allegedly opened fire in a church because he hated liberals and gays. Garfield even blasted Adrants’ Steve Hall with his trademark condescending tone. The staffers at Advertising Age ought to be on the lookout for Garfield to show up donning camouflage fatigues and packing a stuffed duffle bag. Before this is all over, Mr. T will be accused of having fatally stabbed O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife.

Garfield might have warranted a teeny sliver of respect for his conviction. Until you realize the man once declared a jihad on Comcast and saw racist undertones when American Idol’s Randy Jackson starred in a campaign for Oreo cookies.

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