Thursday, July 24, 2008

5737: Domo Arigato, Mr. Biegeloto!

It sure would be nice for Steve Biegel to just go away. Given the secretive nature of his settlement with former employer Dentsu—plus the retraction of all public statements by both parties—one might think nothing more could be said for legal reasons. Instead, Biegel delivered an interview with Advertising Age. Biegel’s remarks included:

There are many “boys club” situations that go on in the industry, but there is a line that I assume is understood that is not crossed in those situations. In plain English, there’s a lot of “entertainment” in the industry and that’s not an issue, but there’s a line that one shouldn’t be pushed over, and that’s what one shouldn’t stand for—being pushed over that line.

I feel like I was a victim who sought justice and was within my rights as an American citizen to stand up to that injustice, and people can form their own opinions about it.

I can look at myself in the mirror without any problems. I can talk to my son honestly about standing up to bullies. I honor my father from him teaching me how to stand up for myself. And people can think what they want to think. As long as I’m truthful and true to myself, then it was worth it.

Guess he had to replenish the retracted public statements. Biegel appears to be blasting Dentsu with accusations like “being pushed over that line” and “standing up to bullies.” Plus, the references to “plain English” and “rights as an American citizen” continue the cultural jabs that tainted the tussle.

Of course, an “anonymous” posted comment shows love for Biegel:

Kudo’s [sic] to Biegel. Thanks for maintaining your integrity and holding others accountable. He might just have saved someone else the dilemma of being in that position and feeling like they had to conform. It’s good to get reminders that we need to tighten up a little. —Norfolk, VA

Ah, yes. Steve Biegel has saved us all from future attacks at Eastern European brothels and Japanese bathhouses. Domo arigato!

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